Spoken Word

Spoken word is a newer emerging for of art. The idea behind it is somewhere a mix between being a poet and a rapper. Though I am aware that rappers sometimes call themselves poets because of their lyrics and rhymes. That is not at all the same as a petry reading and the way in which poetry is often read. Spoken word is essentially that with a rhythm, though not necessarily a consistent rhythm throughout. I do have an appreciation for the spoken word skillset. It is not easy to do and you must be both verbally and musically talented to accomplish it, as well as a confident speaker. There are vast differences sometimes in performing in front of people, when its speaking vs something like singing. For example, try to verbally recite the National Anthem, without singing it…. not tune allowed. Just say the words. I will wait. It’s pretty hard. I remember having to do that in my history class in high school. I thought it would be easy and it was fairly difficult to remember all the words and not sing it out. Here’s one of my favorite examples of spoken word performed by a guy named Jefferson Bethke out of Seattle: