Working with your hands

Working with your hands can be very soothing depending on what you are doing.  First of all you must actually enjoy the physical labor of creating something, it helps to be good at it thought its not required, and you must have a desire to want to do it.  If these things are in order then though it is a form of labor, it can absolutely be relaxing and help clear your thoughts.

For me this is going to the gym and lifting weights, its freeing, it clears my head of all the riff raff in there, I can think clearly, and i feel refreshed afterwords.  In the art world maybe this is making sculptures and statues, or ice carving, or making things out of clay.  All of these exercises can be done as quickly or as slowly as someone wants to go about it, whether or not they are getting paid for it.  You think Michelangelo rushed his work, or even had a deadline.  Our world has become so run by consumers that theres not enough time alotted anymore to put some real love into a creation.  Michelangelo told people “when I am done, then you can see it…” Oh to have that power as an artist and carry that stature.

But I do believe it is relaxing to work with your hands and I have known many people that do just that, I know a guy that builds poker tables in his spare time, because he just likes to do it.  He sells them after the fact occasionally, to make room for the next one, but he just has fun with it.  Knew another fella that would go around dumpster diving at construction sites and collect left over debris, and create awesome yard art out of it.  He did for fun, as a hobby, and then eventually started selling a lot of them at the flea market.  A lot of jobs and companies start out that way, someone doing something for fun that picks up traction.  A good buddy of mine does the huge wood sculptures, you know like the 6 foot tall grizzly bear that’s on the porch of the log cabin.  He has it kind of easy though, he works for a tree company here in town so he gets to keep all the left over wood that gets hauled and then takes it home, whips out his chainsaw and creates something awesome.

Working with your hands is not always laborious, the point of having this article in the ART blog is simply to say, that I believe there is tremendous benefit in finding your “happy place” whatever that looks like for you (as long as its legal and appropriate) and exploring that for yourself and investing in the things that do give you levity, and I believe we as humans were made to be creators, we love to cultivate to grow to construct… to be able to stand back and say we made that…. is an awesome feeling.