Art Forms

There are many forms of art out there today. The category of what is considered artistic has only broadened over time and technology has done its fair share in that as well. Never before have we had so may graphic artist, or drafters, or architects. Some of which can not even draw by hand which is what they used to have to do. Tattoo artists is another.

Music has taken a whole different shape in the artistic world because you don’t actually have to know how to play an instrument to make music anymore. There are so many loops and computer programs that have been around for years now and fine tuned to perfection where you can make whole beats and jams sitting at a laptop. Then plug that in to your turn table and now you are a full blown DJ. The DJ is an interesting category to me because you have some that consider themselves true artist creating their own spins and jams, then you have others that simply know how to basically run a playlist from itunes. Not to downplay what they do sometimes but I don’t always get the oversimplified version of a DJ over plugging in an ipod. It’s ok I’m not knocking DJ’s. One of my very good friends is now considered the top Memphis wedding DJ over in Tennessee. I talk to him a lot and pick his brain on this stuff only because I am a natural cynic and see up and coming DJ’s kind of like photographers as proven by the video below.

There is no doubt however that those that rise to the top of the DJ business are truly unique, and I must applaud their entrepreneurship and hustle whether its starting out as a DJ or beginning as a photographer. I have to give them props for starting out.

But my point is that the pool of those in artistic fields continues to get bigger as it becomes easier for almost anyone to do it. Photography is what like a $750 startup to run your own business. When cameras were not so high quality that anyone could get one you used to need a studio to be a photographer, now all you need is a good camera and a computer program. So the exclusivity of that field has dwindled because you can basically throw a rock on facebook and find a someone who says they’re a photographer and does it on the side. Is it still artistic? Absolutely.